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Have you ever just wanted to break everything? Not out of anger or passion but out of the frustration that you’re a caged animal without anyway of setting yourself free? Wanted to get lost in a moment, any moment for that matter. A moment of intense pain, intense anger, intense sadness, intense passion. Anything? Just to feel like something so intense that you may be able to force your way out of that god-forsaken cage and be reborn new unto the world. No? Well you’re doin alright.



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A certain phrase from a Bliss n Eso song always rings in my head when I think of love. ‘Why do we all search for love like we got Cupid’s addiction.’ Why do we search so hard for love? is it all pre-determined by some powers at be? Or is the addage from the adverts for Seek ‘If we did not seek, we would not find’ the reality. We may never find the answer to this however I like to think everything is pre-determined. Therefore I don’t go out of my way to search for something that I can easily find with my friends and family (minus some added bonuses haha.)

Para Para Paradise

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Honestly paradise for me, is to have a loving family. Once I’ve accomplished that I can die happily. Buddhism says the root of all evil is greed and greed can be attributed to all so called sins. A greed for sexual pleasure = lust, A greed for other peoples lives = Envy etc etc. Thus I don’t want to be a greedy person and greed only = unhappyness. Because of this I do¬† not care about money, I only need enough to keep me alive. The only thing I value is the love of family and friends as that brings with it unconditional happyness and what I call Paradise. Watch the video for Coldplays Paradise and it will show you, in a somewhat comical way, exactly what I mean.

Say No To Evil

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It is safe to say that until Australia Day 2012 I had never truly seen with my own eyes what the face of evil is like. As myself and a few friends were getting ready for a night on the town, we were suddenly leapt upon by a group of about 15 thugs. Now the leader of this little gang knew me, I was friends with people who bullied him in Highschool.

This apparently makes me liable for his highschool anguish and thus he attacked myself and my friend. He hit my friend in the back, very hard and multiple times until he fell on the train tracks. Now this kid had no idea that I had quite a few friends around and thus myself and a few friends helped my friend up from the train tracks, blood dripping from his head.

My friend who, for the sake of anonymity I shall call Devan, bolted towards the group and tried to keep them away from me and my other friends. He tried to stop them but then they started attacking him. Luckily he is a big kid and he swiftly took care of all them. As we walked off, looking to get my injured friend some medical help, these people followed us and continued to attack. If it wasn’t for Devan I can honestly say I’d have been in trouble.

I won’t give much more away but I simply ask, why? Why? Does this stuff happen? There was no plausible reason for this attack, no provocation or dickery. Not to mention a certain branch Public Service’s telling us that this wans’t a big deal and to not press charges. I ask blatantly this time. What the fuck is wrong with this world? Why does this happen? Despite the fact the Public Service I mentioned is sworn to protect the public, Why do they insist to let these things go? It was in this moment I realised that no one else can be relied on to fight the darkness other than yourself…and those who you love and love you of course.